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Features of Java Programming Language

Features of java programming language is nothing but a services provided by the java designers and the main aim of them is to provide more security and portable. Among these two major features java has other many features which makes java more efficient than other programming language. So let’s see the features of java one by one.

Features of java programming language :

  • Simple
  • Object oriented
  • Robust
  • Secure
  • Dynamic
  • Interpreted
  • Portable
  • Multi Thrading
  • Platform Independent
  • Distributed
  • Architectural Neutral
  • High Performance

features of java programming language - place4java

Simple :

Java syntax is simple, clean and easy to understand. According to Sun, java is quite similar to the c++. If you comfortable with C++ then java is more is to understand. From java Many ambiguous and rarely used concepts are removed like pointer, operator overloading, etc. As well as java has Rich set of API(application programming interface) so programmer can invoke that pre-written code and use it in his program. In java automatic garbage collector is there so it will automatically remove unreferenced object and improve performance of a Java program.

Object Oriented:

Java supports OOPs concepts and everything in java is Object which has some properties and behaviors. With respect to other language we can say the java is a pure object oriented programming language because all code written in java into the classes and Objects. Java supports for code re-usability and maintainability.

Robust :

Java is robust because it first check the reliability of code before its execution. Java compiler is most strict in data type. As well as automatic garbage collection, lack of pointer concept and Exception handling due to all this features points to that java is robust language.

Secure :

Java is more secure programming language compared to other languages. Java is secure because there is no explicit pointer concept. Every compiled code in java is converted into byte code which is not readable by human. As well as java program runs into JVM that’s why it has very less interaction with operating system, so it is secure.

Dynamic :

Java supports for Dynamic memory allocation due to this memory wastage is reduce and improve performance of the application. The process of run-time memory allocation is called dynamic memory allocation. In java to allocate memory space by dynamically we use an operator called ‘new’. This ‘new’ operator is known as dynamic memory allocation operator.

Interpreted :

Java is only programming language which is compiled and interpreted. The Java compiler translates a java source code to byte code and then java interpreter executes the translated byte code inside the JVM. These two steps of compilation and interpretation allow extensive code checking and improved security.

Portable :

Java is portable because it supports a platform independent and architectural neutral feature.  The languages like C, C++, Pascal source code may run slightly differently on different hardware platforms because its platform dependent. While we can carry the java byte code to any platform without modification in program.

Multi Threading :

A thread is lightweight smallest unit process which has it’s separate independent path of execution. In Java programs we can deal with many tasks at once by defining multiple threads. Benefit of multi threading is that it utilizes same memory and other resources to execute multiple threads at the same time. Java can executes multiple thread at a time that so java is a multi threaded.

Platform Independent :

A program is said to be platform independent if and only if which can run on all available operating systems. Java has software-based platform that runs on the top of other hardware-based platforms. Java code is compiled by the compiler and converted into byte code. This byte code is a platform-independent code because it can be run on multiple platforms i.e. Write Once and Run Anywhere(WORA).

features of java programming language - platform independent

Distributed :

In Java we can design a distributed applications which can run on computer networks. Java provides an extensive library of classes for communicating ,using TCP/IP protocols such as HTTP and FTP. A creating a network is much easier than in C/C++. You can read and write objects on the remote sites via URL with the same ease that programmers are used to when read and write data from and to a file. This helps the programmers at remote locations to work together on the same project.

Architectural Neutral :

The another main key feature of java is that it is an Architectural Neutral. It means after compilation Compiler generates byte code, this byte code can run any other platform without having to rewrite or recompile them. In other words, it follows ‘Write-once-run-anywhere’ approach.

features of java programming language - architectural neutral

High Performance :

Java is an interpreted language, so it will never be as fast as a compiled language like C or C++. But, Java enables high performance with the use of just-in-time compiler. As well as java has Garbage collector, lack of pointer and support for multi threading can increase the performance of java program.

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